Research & Development
Why we do
It is the passion for excellence in chemistry that keeps us exceeding customer's expectations in our research and development result-oriented activities.

State-of-the-art R&D center is located in our Ankleshwar facility. Highly qualified professionals with the scientific bent of mind are working in product development, analytical development and intellectual property rights.

Product Development
  • Product Development Lab (PDL) fully equipped for kilogram scale preparation of API and Intermediates
  • Well equipped instrumentation lab consisting of HPLC, GC, GC-HS, GC-MS, UV & IR Spectrophotometer, Digital Polarimeter, Particle Size Analyzer, Photo-stability Chambers and others
  • To aid the green-field API facility expansion, ZCL has set up a modern pilot plant facility to manufacture multi-kilogram of API and intermediates under cGMP conditions
  • Develops tailor-made and innovative solutions exploiting a unique set of technologies for customers
  • Team of 40 Scientists with 7 PhDs & all others Master of Science
  • New Projects selection through established stage-gate methodology
  • Skilled process engineering/ tech transfer team for smoother scale up and validation processes.
Major Activities:
  • Route Scouting
  • Process Development
  • Scale up
  • Technology Transfer
  • Synthesizing Impurities
  • Contract Research

Analytical Development
We have a dedicated analytical development laboratory to support the synthesis group.
Major activities:
  • Analytical method development & validation, for RM, WIP & Finished Products
  • OVI method development & Method validation
  • Impurity profile studies

Intellectual Property
A dedicated Intellectual Property team constantly updates the R&D, Regulatory, Marketing and Management Teams on the Intellectual property landscape. It plays a crucial role in respecting and proactively safeguarding company's interests from any infringement or litigation issues. It actively involves in choosing the products for strengthening our product pipeline.

The IPR team files process patents in India and across the world. ZCL has developed non-infringing processes and already filed over 20 process patents.
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