Where we are
Ankleshwar, GIDC, Gujarat which is 192 miles/320 km North of Mumbai.

It is known for its industrial township called GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation)

Ankleshwar has over 1500 chemical plants, producing products such as pharmaceuticals, advanced intermediates, fine chemicals, paints and industrial chemicals.

Ankleshwar is very well connected by highways (Mumbai to New Delhi) as well as rail network. The 133-year-old Golden Bridge connects Ankleshwar to Bharuch across the river Narmada.

Strategically located on the West coast of India, Gujarat is also a Gateway to the rich land-locked Northern and Center vicinity of the country. Gujarat spearheads the Indian march for the “Global Economic Super Power” status with access to all major ports based countries like the EU, UK, Australia, China, Japan, Korea and Gulf Countries.

  • Four multi-purpose cGMP manufacturing plants
  • Installed reaction capacity of 214 KL including 4 all glass assemblies, 72 reactors - 34 Stainless Steel reactors, 37 Glass Lined reactors, One Cryogenic reactor, ranging from 100 L to 8,000 L
  • 22 Centrifuges – Stainless Steel, halar-coated and peeler
  • 18 Dryers – RCVD, VTD, FBD, ANFD, TD and Nauta
  • Blenders with 1.5 KL volume
  • Micronizer Air Jet mill and Multi-mill (for particle size reduction)
  • Reaction capability is -90°C to +220°C
  • High vacuum distillation at 0.5 torr and high pressure reactions at 20 bar in combination of 200°C temperature
  • Purified water system to meet USP 31 quality
  • Five powder processing areas as per class ISO 8 (class 100,000)

Reaction Capabilities include the following:
  • Acylation and Alkylation
  • Asymmetric transformation
  • Azide synthesis
  • Bromination
  • Chiral separations
  • Chlorosulfonation
  • Coupling reaction (Heck, Stille)
  • Cyclization
  • Decarboxylation
  • Epoxidation
  • Friedel-Craft
  • Grignard
  • Hydrolysis
  • Oxidation (Peracetic acid)
  • Phase Transfer Catalysis
  • Reductions - by chemical and catalytical methods
  • Reductive Amination
  • Ritter reaction
  • Sandmeyer reaction
  • Solid distillation (up to 0.01 torr)
  • Ullmann Reaction
  • Willgerodt Reaction

  • Separate storage facility for Solid and Liquid Raw Materials
  • Separate area for Packing Material storage
  • Solid Raw Material storage capacity of 150 MT
  • Liquid Raw Material storage capacity of 72 KL
  • Separate dispensing area for Solid and Liquid Raw Material
  • Separate Quarantine area, sampling room, washing area
  • Controlled temperature storage of + 2 to +8 degree Celsius
  • Fresh solvent storage tank farm as per CCOE capacity 125 KL
  • Inventory control & Material Management through SAP
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