• We aim to use natural resources efficiently and minimize the environmental impacts of our activities and products during their life cycles
  • ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified facility
  • Multiple effect evaporator and reverse osmosis facility
  • Recycle waste water treatment facility aiming towards ZERO discharge
  • HAZOP studies of processes after development
  • Emergency response measures to control and limit the impact of incidents
  • Compliant with state & local EHS regulations
  • EHS practices approved by global pharmaceutical companies
  • Member of EcoVadis, Rx-360 and CDP Supply Chain Program

  • Manufacture and supply safe and high quality products to meet customer's needs and expectations
  • Provide comfortable and safe workplace for employees as well as our associates and third party personnel
  • Enhance quality, environment, health and safety standards
  • Strengthen our Corporate Social Obligation (CSO) initiatives
  • To improve energy efficiency by 10% by 2020.
  • Moving to ZERO discharge for liquid effluent by 2020.

Sustainability Goals
  • To improve energy efficiency by 10% by 2020.
  • Moving to ZERO discharge for liquid effluent by 2020.

Changing environmental and social circumstances demand new ways of saving our planet. We, at ZCL, try to adapt these new ways, especially when it comes to our supply chain. That is the reason why we demand the same efforts from our suppliers because we cannot reach the goal of ecological and sustainable manufacturing on our own. Therefore we are happy to collaborate ourselves with EcoVadis – the first platform which enables companies to measure the sustainability of suppliers.

EcoVadis provides reviews concerning the Corporate Social Responsibility performance of companies across 150 sectors in 95 countries. Not only the supply chain gets analysed by experts, but also environmental, social and ethical practices to ensure that the whole society can profit from the provided service. With this fundamental data we are able to constantly improve our sustainability by saving resources, while matching the demand of protecting our planet for tomorrow.

Being a part of Rx-360​ consortium we abide ourselves to Safety and Regulatory bodies, thereby constantly improving our quality standards at all levels of operations. The purpose of being a member of this consortium is to enhance the security of our supply chain and to assure the quality and authenticity of the products moving through our supply chain.

We are a member of CDP program.

CDP is (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) a global not-for-profit organization, headquartered in London. It provides the world’s only global natural capital disclosure system where over 4,500 companies, representing over 50% of the market capitalization of the world’s largest 30 stock exchanges, and 110 cities from 80 countries, report, share and take action on vital environmental information.

CDP enables investors, companies, cities and governments to understand and act on the business case for reducing impacts on the environment and natural resources.

A global economic system that operates within sustainable environmental boundaries and prevents dangerous climate change, increase corporate transparency on environmental impact and performance to make environmental performance central to investment and business decisions.

CDP has applied the principles of measurement and transparency in corporate environmental reporting.
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